Fire Fire!!

As part of our studies into the Great Fire of London we have had a science day investigation focused on which type of paper would be the strongest to construct a ladder. The ladder had to support duplo fire fighters to rescue someone from the (toy) house. There was great team work and listening skills today as our ladders were designed and constructed. Look at how productive they were.




The ladders were made of normal white paper, tracing paper, crepe paper, sand paper and newspaper.

As you can see all the ladders were amazing, they all were strong enough to stand up and hold some fire fighters! Surprisingly the newspaper and crepe paper were the most successful ladders, standing strong with 6 fire fighters on them. Well done everyone.


This afternoon we had a visit from a real life fire fighter who came in to explain fire safety and talk through some of the equipment that is used nowadays. We had the opportunity to ask him lots of questions and he was great at telling us facts. Thanks to Mrs GA for organising such an interesting visitor to learn from. It was fab!

DSCF0988 DSCF0989

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  1. Well done everyone ! It looks like you all worked so hard and also had fun !!


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