Wriggle and Crawl

Holly Class had a great term learning about mini-beasts! We learnt about lots of new and different insects, their life cycles, habitats, facts and lots more!




We hunted around school for mini-beasts to see what we could find!



We learnt mini-beast songs such as ‘Ugly Bug Ball’ ‘Ants go marching’ and ‘Creepy Crawly Caterpillar’. We made mini-beat sounds and moved like a mini-beast.


We made lots of mini-beast art including 3D bees, see through butterflies for our window and mini-beast sketches.


We ended our topic with a trip to Wildwood where we saw ants in their ant hills, bees in their bee hives and butterflies on flowers! We also saw some larger animals in their habitats!

SAM_0080 SAM_0088 SAM_0097

We really enjoyed seeing the animals, learning about the animals from our guide and asking lots of questions!

Libby – “I liked the fox but he smelt!”

Jason – “My favourite animal was the bear, he stretched up when he saw us coming”

Skie – “I really liked it all!”