Weather Shines on KS1 Sports Day, as Year 1 Enjoy a Fantastic First Full Week!

It has been a really exciting and busy week in Year 1 this week!

All pupils have worked so hard in a range of activities with the likes of literacy, numeracy, physical education, PSHE and computing. On the back of the crash site in the school garden the pupils have been thinking about what if aliens are real? Where would they live? How would they sound? What would they look like?

They designed their own alien, read the story Beegu and acted out parts of the story and we used adjectives to describe an alien.

In maths we have been using pictures and objects to add two to amounts together. The children have used cubes, dice, animals and themselves to help find the total amounts. On Friday the pupils learnt how to use a number line to add two numbers together.

On Thursday Year 1 had an excellent morning down at Kemsley Primary, taking part in a number of activities/events for our much delayed KS1 Sports Day for the summer of the last academic year. The weather was really kind, ‘some may say to kind’, as the pupils showed great resilience, as well as positivity on the walk to and from the school. Plus so much more of our learning values shone along with great determination when running, throwing and balancing. Every single pupil from Year 1 and KS1 was amazing, and a credit to Milton Court Primary Academy! The event put so many smiles on so many faces!

A fantastic and happy week all round!! 🙂beegu-front-cover