Year 1 Become Puppeteers during Acting in Literacy

We started off the week by reading the story ‘Whatever Next?’ We made up pictures and actions to help us retell the story, we acted it out, sequenced the story and then wrote our own imaginary trip to the moon!

We thought about how we would make a rocket and what materials we would use. We then found out about what materials everyday objects are made from such as wood, metal, glass, paper, plastic or fabric.

In maths we have been learning to subtract; we have been using building bricks and taking an amount away, knocking down skittles then counting how many are left and using pictures to help us read and follow a subtraction question.

At the end of the week we made some ‘imaginative aliens’ by sticking different shapes together that was cut out of card. We then drew our alien and gave them a name to conclude the DT lesson.whatever-next-book-cover