Year 1 – Is it flat or is it solid? – 2D and 3D shapes Numeracy Focus


This week Year 1 has had a focus on the story ‘The Way Back Home’ where a boy and an alien meet and become friends but have to work together to get back home. We have been pretending to be the characters, we talked about how we could work as a team, we retold the story and we wrote a letter to the alien.

We have also been back in time to find out who the first people to travel to the moon were and when it was. We watched videos, looked through non-fiction books and even blasted off in our own imaginary rockets! I wonder if your child can remember any of the key facts?

In maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have found real life objects around the school and said what shape they are, we have made our own 3D shapes and described the shapes properties.

In Physical Education we have carried on our focus with ball skills and also have had the privilege of a Gillingham FC coach coming in on a Wednesday afternoon to teach the pupils ball control with their feet.