Alien cannot keep away from Milton Court Primary Academy

We began week 6 by reading a newspaper, it was about an alien being found in a supermarket! We think it was the alien that crashed in our garden at the beginning of this term. We started to think of what an alien would need; food, water and shelter, then what it might want’; toys, blankets, story books. We designed different items we could make and thought about what materials we could use for this. The children chose from different materials and in groups made a pillow, a blanket, a teddy, a story book and food. Before we got to see the alien he had fixed his spaceship and was gone! We received a letter from him thanking us for our help and he has a surprise for us, on Monday the Starman is coming to teach us more about space!

In maths this week we have been learning about coins. We can recognise most coins and are starting to see that each coin has a value. We have paired coins, searched for different coins, matched coins to different values of coins and used coins to play shopping. I wonder when you go shopping and use coins; can your child help you find what correct coin you may need?

In music we were making different kinds of noises, shaking, blowing and knocking with a range of instruments.

In Physical Education we have again increased our ball skills by balancing a ball on top of a racket and participating in team races (in squads). The pupils our gaining so much more confidence as the term has gone on, with bean bags and tennis balls. Next week, the pupils will be focussing on more of a team game, such as keep ball (chest and bounce passes, with netballs/ basketballs).