Starman Visit…

On Monday 17th October, Year 1 experienced what it would be like to visit space. Mr Starman was very welcoming and introduced himself, plus an astronaut statue and a rocket, a replica (mini-version) of the first rocket to go to the moon.


Once the introduction talk was over, the class entered the blacked out dome. All pupils were mesmerised as soon as the virtual experience began, with bright iluminous lights and space like noises.

During the space tour by Mr Starman, he showed the pupils what it would be like to see different kinds of planets and stars. A key focus was how stars are made and how they can be joined up like dot to dot to make pictures of objects and animals. This talk was then linked to the Milky Way.

Furthermore the pupils watched videos of astronauts in their rockets up in space, floating around in their rockets, with very strange sleeping arrangements (strapped to the side of the rocket, sleeping standing up straight). They also saw a rocket taking off and an astronaut radioing through to the space station, giving updates on magnitudes etc.

The pupils were then pretending to put on astronaut suits and putting it on in the correct order, ready to take off in their space rockets. They also laid down and watched a firework display, with star wars music.

Thank you Mr Starman we all had a really wonderful time, it made our Moon Zoom topic come to life!