Harry Potter Day

On Tuesday 18th April, Years 3 & 4 were introduced to their new topic “Potions” with a Harry Potter themed day.  Lots of staff and children dressed up for the day.  The children took part in four activities:

Magic Soap – We put a normal bar of soap on a plate and put it in the microwave and cooked it for 2 minutes. Kyrah, Year 4

When we took it out we were surprised because it had expanded.  Lucy, Year 4

Basilisk Baby – We mixed baking powder and sugar and then put it on a bowl of sand.  We used lighter fuel and matches to set it on fire.  Hayden, Year 4

We thought it was strange because they felt like candy floss.  Ethan, Year 4

Emotion Potion – We mixed different food colours into water and then mixed it with a spoon.  Angelina, Year 4

We were surprised because they changed into different colours.  Thomas, Year 4

Tornado in a Bottle – We had to choose our favourite colour food colouring and then added glitter to it.  We had to put the lid on really tight so that when we shook it, it didn’t all come out.  Shakira, Year 4

When we put the lid on, we had no idea that it would make sure a big tornado in the bottle.  William, Year 4.