Values & Vision

Our Vision

There are no limits to what we can explore and achieve together

Our Mission

At The Grovehurst Federation we support individuality, celebrate difference and ensure that everyone has the freedom to lead their own learning journey. Through enjoyment and collaborative learning we aim to provide creative, diverse and inspirational opportunities and environments in which every member of our community can learn and feel valued.

We celebrate achievement, courage, effort and ability, developing confidence and encouraging self-belief in all children and adults. We aim to create a cohesive network of support between pupils, staff and parents and work together within our community to achieve our shared goals.

It is our expectation that all our children will develop independent attitudes and skills that will enable them to create, question and challenge their own personal journey to achieving their goals without peer pressure or prejudice.

Our Learning Values

Our 4 agreed learning values underpin all of the work that we do. They shape our thinking, our teaching, everyone’s learning and the environment in which the whole school community works.

Our learning values are the cornerstones upon which our Mission is built. Our values are :

  • Resilience
  • Exploration
  • Aspiration
  • Positivity

We truly believe that we REAP what we sow.

resilience_small Exploration_small Aspiration_small Positivity_small