Year N

Nursery has a visitor

Nursery has a bit of a problem visitor at the moment. Has anyone got any ideas on how to solve the situation?


Nursery tried out a variety of different paper airplanes! Once we got the hang of flying them we set up some obstacles and targets…

We are writing!

We have all been having a go at writing our names recently. The children have become very interested in this task and are always willing to challenge themselves!

Silly shells

This week we read the book ‘Norman the slug with the silly shell’ during book club and then set to designing our own silly shells for him. The children chose between collage, paint and felt tips. Look at their amazing designs!

Are these different?

Nursery posed the question this week: are these numbers different? We had lots of discussion about the fact that they both have the same numbers. After linking to the fact that we have to write our names in a certain Continue reading

Investigating leaves outside

Several children in reception taught me how to make leaf rubbings this week. It has been great to see all the different details come through with such a simple activity. Thank you for teaching me!

Flying triangles

We have been watching a crane working on the nearby building site this week. As they have begun to construct the roof there have been some excited cries of ‘triangle!’ All of the children have been excitedly predicting what the Continue reading

Nursery library

We have books available for you to borrow, why not choose a new story for bedtime?

Nursery Express

Thanks for coming along to our first express event! The hot chocolate and cakes seemed fairly popular! I promise more paint and glitter next time…