Animal visit!

As part of our topic last term the children in Acorn class were lucky enough to have a visit from some animals.Some of them were familiar such as rabbits and hamsters. Some were a little more unusual such as meercats, Continue reading

Year 5 Acting!

This week, children have been looking at Dreamtime stories. We watched some stories and had to re-tell one of them. We then re-enacted the story in threes to the rest of the class. We had great fun. Dreamtime stroies were Continue reading


Last week the Lead Learning Councillors interviewed 21 pupils to decide who were the new learning reps. We asked the pupils two main questions: Why do you want to be a learning rep? What do you feel you could achieve Continue reading

Should chess be on our curriculum?

Danny and Katie enjoying a game of chess during lunchtime in the school library. A wholesome alternative to the usual lunchtime activities. Chess is believed to directly contributes to academic performance. Some people go as far to say that chess Continue reading