Express event

Thanks to all the parents who came along to join in the crafty and painty fun of our express event.

Playdough experiments

We have been exploring different ways of making playdough recently. This one needed cornflour and conditioner. It smelt lovely but was a bit crumbly after a while!


Nursery have enjoyed getting creative with scissors, glue and stickers recently. Have you had a picture home?


Nursery enjoyed investigating puddles, leaks and streams this week. There was a lot of splashing, jumping and giggling!

Whatever the weather!

Nursery aren’t put off by the rain. We get into our waterproofs and keep on learning outside as well as inside.

We are growing…..

We have been excited to see our peas developing. Most of them now have several leaves growing and we look forward to planting them in soil soon!

Nursery Express Event

The children in Nursery enjoyed a busy morning of Easter and Farm crafts! Thank you to all the parents and carers who came along and showed us their creative skills!

Den making

Nursery were talking about tents this week during their play so we all got together with some blankets and legs and made our own den. Lots of giggling and chat went on as well as lots of problem solving when Continue reading

Animal visit

Nursery really enjoyed the the animals coming to visit on Tuesday. We got to handle lots of different creatures, and learnt a little bit about where they all came from and what they normally eat.


We were very excited to discover that our peas have formed pods over the holidays. It won’t be long until we can start harvesting them!