Term 5 fun

Did you see what we got up to in Term 5? What will happen in Term 6? Make sure you keep an eye on our display board!


Nursery explored bubbles this week! The wind kept blowing them really high but we had fun trying to catch and pop them.


Thanks for supporting Year 5 and 6’s event by wearing red. Your donations were greatly appreciated.

Keeping cool

Nursery had fun in our paddling pool, keeping cool in the hot weather!

Express event

Thanks to all the parents who came along to join in the crafty and painty fun of our express event.

Playdough experiments

We have been exploring different ways of making playdough recently. This one needed cornflour and conditioner. It smelt lovely but was a bit crumbly after a while!


Nursery have enjoyed getting creative with scissors, glue and stickers recently. Have you had a picture home?


Nursery enjoyed investigating puddles, leaks and streams this week. There was a lot of splashing, jumping and giggling!

Whatever the weather!

Nursery aren’t put off by the rain. We get into our waterproofs and keep on learning outside as well as inside.

We are growing…..

We have been excited to see our peas developing. Most of them now have several leaves growing and we look forward to planting them in soil soon!