Year 2


In year 2 we have been making our own comics. We could choose from either Supertato or The 3 Little Super Pigs. We had to re-tell the story and bring it to life with our fantastic drawings. We all worked Continue reading

Year 2 Halloween tea party!

Year 2 loved attending their Halloween tea party on Friday! They all enjoyed dancing and making lots of Halloween crafts! They also enjoyed some yummy food at their tea party! All pupils wore some amazing costumes and looked brilliant! We would Continue reading

Year 2 attend NASA rocket crash!

The term started for Year 2 with us attending a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (N.A.S.A) rocket crash here in the garden of Milton Court. It was very exciting .We found the remains of a golden rocket. When we examined Continue reading

Charity games

We had a great time in Year 2 playing and sharing the variety of board games that were brought in today! Thank you to everyone who brought in a game and shared them kindly with classmates. Well done all and money Continue reading

Fire Fire!!

As part of our studies into the Great Fire of London we have had a science day investigation focused on which type of paper would be the strongest to construct a ladder. The ladder had to support duplo fire fighters Continue reading