Year 2

Bug Blog

It’s amazing what a few split pins can do…take a look for yourself! After exploring metaphors and similes in our writing, year 2 wanted to bring bugs to life! Though lots of creative colouring, careful cutting and clever construction we Continue reading

Traction Man Is Here!

This week we have started exploring using metaphors in our writing,  inspired by exploring the ever exciting activities of Traction Man! Traction Man for those that have yet to discover him…is a Christmas present super hero that eagerly and bravely, with Continue reading

Butterfly Class

This term we’ve not only looked and cared for the slightly smelly mealworms, but now too beautiful butterflies. Excitingly, through studying both these creatures we’ve been learning a lot about insect life cycles, their likes and their dislikes. Not just Continue reading

A Sporting Term..

This term year 2 are really enjoying the weather and the great outdoors, exploring sports with Mrs Egalton and Miss Fitch. From catching practice leading to rounders or sack, skipping and hockey practice leading to fantastic races, we’re all having Continue reading