Year 6

Shanell’s Blog

Hi blog readers, Earlier this week on the 6th June as you know it was the first day back of the term 6! And this is what year 6 got up to. We were all excited as it was the Continue reading

Owen’s Blog

Hello Parents/carers of year 6, This week I have been learning about Tree octopuses, I had found so much information for the octopuses, until on the Wikipedia website I found out it was a hoax. I have really enjoyed writing Continue reading

Amber’s Blog

Hello parents and guardians, We have been learning about Tomorrow’s world. We have had a busy week but extraordinary fun. I have really enjoyed learning about technology and how much they have changed, to me it is shocking because in Continue reading

Megan’s Blog

Welcome reader, come and read this piece of work all about the topic we have been learning in the week. My name is Megan. And my favourite subject that we learnt in the week was maths. What we had to Continue reading

Isabel’s Blog

Hello Parents/carers of year 6, This week I have taken part in a math lesson and our lesson was to plan an event. Planning an event was taking part and being in a group and working together. I have really Continue reading

Ellie-May’s Blog

Hello, Year 6 parents. This week year 6 are writing the blog for Milton court. So throughout the week in the year 6 classroom we have been planning an event. We had £1000 (not real) to plan any event we Continue reading

Grazvidas’ Blog

Hello Parents /carers of Year 6, Year 6 have been planning their own events like birthdays, weddings, proms etc. We were in groups of 3 or 4 and we had to search for presents, food, venues etc. For everything that Continue reading

Sharie’s Blog

Hello Parents/carers, This week we have been learning about Tomorrows world and about logs on the IPad. I have really enjoyed researching different Blogs from other schools. This is because it is exciting to see how other schools work. My Continue reading

Year 6 Blogs

Children in year 6 have been researching about blogs and looking into how we can make them better as well as learning about Internet safety. We all decided that we needed to share some more blogs with you, so the Continue reading

Moon-based myths

As this week is World Book Week, and Thursday is World book day, year 6 have taken our own approach to this and have been focussing on Moon-based myths all week. On Monday we read the myth ‘How the Sun Continue reading