Weekly Newsletters

We use whole school newsletters as a way of keeping parents informed of upcoming events, important dates and of course to celebrate successes in school. We send newsletters out every week.

In addition, each class sends home a curriculum leaflet at the beginning of every term to tell parents about the curriculum and topics that will be coming up over the term. They may also ask for certain household items such as scraps of material, cereal boxes or even old wellies! These are all to help with certain aspects of learning taking place.

Celebrating children’s achievements
praise and thanks

Every Friday we hold a Celebration assembly where children are praised and thanked for their hard work in class, efforts in building better learning power and / or kindness to others. Two pupils are usually chosen by the class teacher and teaching assistant to receive a certificate and a Star of the Week star to display in the main hall.

Stars of the week are recorded on the school’s weekly newsletter.